SET SERVICE Price, uah
Full service (а + б + в + г + д + е) 250
Full service + structure (а + б + в + г + д + е + є) 370
а) Cleaning the sliding surface 40
б) Filling the damaged sliding surface with coffex 100-150
в) Grinding of a sliding surface 60
г) Machine sharpening of edges 80
д) Hot surfacing with special paraffin 70
е) Cycling and rubbing the sliding surface 30
є) Leveling and applying the structure to the sliding surface 160
Check, greasing, adjustment of fastening 30
Surface polishing 30
Manual sharpening of an edge at angles: -2°, -3°, -4° (+ removal of oberkant) 150
Manual sharpening of Teflon edging: -0.5°, -1°, -1.5° 100
Gluing / layering of an edge 200грн / 10см
Replacement of a strap on fastening for a snowboard 150
Replacement of the clip on the bindings for the snowboard 150
Replacement of the clip on the ski boat 150
Replacement of a heel or sock on a ski boot 180
Tongue repair on a ski boat 150
Installation of fastening under a template 150
Manual mounting 200
Installation of fastening for a snowboard 50
Installing one tip on the ski 150
Installing one tip on a snowboard 180
Replace the ring on the stick 70

We carry out service on the machines of the Swiss company MONTANA and the German REICHMANN.

What is included in the full service?

Cleaning the sliding surface (shallow grinding), filling the damaged sliding surface with coffex, grinding the sliding surface, sharpening the edges on the machine, hot surfacing with special paraffin, cycling and rubbing the sliding surface, leveling and applying the structure to the sliding surface.


Repair of skis

In our ski centers, we will check, lubricate, adjust the fastening on the skis. Manualy sharp of Teflon edging: -0.5 °, -1 °, -1.5 °, gluing / layering of edging. Put the tip on the ski, replace the ring on the stick.

Repair of snowboards

Replace the straps on the snowboard mount, the clip on the mount, the clips on the boat, repair the "tongue" on the boat, install the mount under the template or mount manually. Install the tip on the snowboard.

When when ordering service from 10 sets there is a discount of -10%, from 50 sets -20%.