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We have an expansion of the range. And what!

Now you can rent cross-country skis at X-drive!

Cross-country skiing is available to everyone. This is a pleasant kind of winter vacation, and at the same time a good cardio workout, in which it is easy to adjust the intensity and speed. Cross-country skiing takes place on a flat surface, you do not need to use the lift.

The question is often asked, can downhill skiing be used as cross-country skiing? In fact, no, because in downhill skiing the boot is rigidly fixed to the ski. And running shoes are softer, the heel comes off the ski freely and allows you to move easily. Ride on the snowy trails in your rhythm and enjoy the beautiful panoramas around.

We are waiting for you at X-drive - the first and only center in the Carpathians, where you can rent cross-country skis.

We invite you to try it, and maybe you will like cross-country skiing even more than downhill skiing.

The price of the set is 420 UAH/day.