In the X-drive store you can buy skis, boots, helmets, masks, goggles, balaclavas, clothes and other equipment that will be convenient and comfortable for you 👍

Location of stores

Here you can buy skis at the best price. Used and new, all sizes, different years

Here are some tips from X-drive👌 on how to dress for the frosty winter:

- Remember comfort. Clothing should not restrict your movements. Make sure that nothing is pressing or rubbing;

- Choose clothes of your size. If there is a lot of space between the body and the fabric, the wind will get there and no fleece will change that. Conversely, if there is no space between the layers of clothing, the heat will not be retained;

- Avoid heaviness. All items of equipment must be light and reliable. Ski clothes are created using the latest technologies, so it will be easy to choose;

- Pay attention to the resistance to wet shoes and clothes;

- Every part of your body should be protected from snow and wind;

- In cold weather, it is important that clothes are warm and dry;

X-drive network of ski equipment rentals in the Carpathians. Relax with Drive!